Organizing Institutes

Technical Committee on Control Theory, CAA

Systems Engineering Society of China

Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Technical Co-Sponsors

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS

China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Sichuan Univ.

Sichuan Society of Automation and Instrument

Asian Control Association

IEEE Control System Society

Inst.of Control, Robotics, and Systems, Korea

The Society of Instr. and Contr. Engineers, Japan

Advisory Committee

Tianyou Chai, Northeastern Univ.


Han-Fu Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Daizhan Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Weihua Gui, Central South Univ.

Yu-Chi Ho, Harvard Univ.

Lin Huang, Peking Univ.

Qiang Lu, Tsinghua Univ.

Qingquan Qian, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Youxian Sun, Zhejiang Univ. 

Tzyh-Jong Tarn, Washington Univ.

Shouyang Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hongxin Wu, Beijing Institute of Control Engineering

Fei Xu, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Nanning Zheng, Xi'an Jiaotong Univ.

General Chairs

Lei Guo, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Kemin Zhou, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

General Vice-Chair

Xiaoyun Feng, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Program Committee Chairs

Jie Chen, City Univ. of HK, HK

Qianchuan Zhao, Tsinghua Univ.

Regional Chairs

Tongwen Chen, Univ of Alberta, Canada

  Xiaoming Hu, KTH, Sweden

James Lam, Univ. of HK, HK

  Guoping Liu, Univ. of South Wales, UK

Wei Ren, UC Riverside, USA

  Tielong Shen, Sophia Univ., Japan

Xiaohua Xia, Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa

  Lihua Xie, Nanyang Technological Univ., SG

Xiaolan Xie, ENSM.SE, France

Weixing Zheng, Univ. of Western Sydney, Australia

Members:TCCT members and invited experts

Invited Session Chairs

Ben M. Chen, National Univ. of Singapore, SG

  Gang Feng, City Univ. of HK, HK

Guoxiang Gu, Louisiana State Univ., USA


Yiguang Hong, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Zhong-Ping Jiang, Poly. Inst. of New York Univ., USA

Derong Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  Kang-Zhi Liu, Chiba Univ., Japan

Quan Pan, Northwestern Polytechnical Univ.


Li Qiu, HK Univ. of Science&Technology, HK


Yong Wang, Univ. of Science&Technology of China

  Zidong Wang, Brunel Univ., UK

Jian Xiao, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

  Xinghuo Yu, RMIT Univ., Australia

Panel Discussion Chairs

Jie Chen, Beijing Inst. of Technology

Jie Huang, Chinese Univ. of HK, HK

Pre-Conference Worshop Chairs

Weirong Chen, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Shaoyuan Li, Shanghai Jiao tong Univ.

Poster Session Chairs

Xiang Chen, Univ. of Windsor, Canada

        Hairong Dong, Beijing Jiaotong Univ.

Yingmin Jia, Beihang Univ.

        Zongli Lin, Univ. of Virginia, USA

Organizing Committee Chairs

Shibin Gao, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Shuzhi Sam Ge, Univ. of Eletronic Science&Technology of China

Xu Zhang, Sichuan Univ.

Editorial Chairs

Jie Chen, City Univ. of HK, HK                               Qianchuan Zhao, Tsinghua Univ.

Publicity and Publication Chairs

Guangren Duan, Harbin Inst. of Technology

Weidong Jin, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Hongsheng Qi, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hongwei Zhang, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

General Secretaries

Xiaoqiong He, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Lei Ma, Southwest Jiaotong Univ.

Yanlong Zhao, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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