Plenary Lectures

The plenary lectures will be delivered by

Name:John Doyle

Affiliation:California Institute of Technology, USA

Time:9:00-10:00, July 27 (Wednesday)
Title:Universal laws and architectures for bio, med, neuro, and tech nets

Name:Qingquan Qian

Affiliation:National Rail Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Center, China

Time:10:20-11:20, July 27 (Wednesday)
Title:Automation of High-Speed Railway Traction Power Supply Systems

Name:John S. Baras

Affiliation:University of Maryland, USA

Time:11:20-12:20, July 27 (Wednesday)
Title:Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

Name:Janan Zaytoon

Affiliation:University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France

Time:8:30-9:30, July 28 (Thursday)
Title:Practical and Dependable Control Synthesis for Programmable Logic Controllers

Name:Hong Chen

Affiliation:Jilin University, China

Time:9:30-10:30, July 28 (Thursday)
Title:Triple-step nonlinear control design: Methodology and automotive applications

Name:Bo Wahlberg

Affiliation:KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Time:8:30-9:30, July 29 (Friday)
Title:Convex Relaxation Techniques for Control and System Identification 

Name:Guanrong Chen

Affiliation:City University of Hong Kong, China

Time:9:30-10:30, July 29 (Friday)
Title:Pinning Control and Controllability of Complex Networks

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