Panel Sessions

Plenary Panel Session 1

Title: Forum of Young Outstanding Scholars
Time: 10:50-12:20, July 28 (Thursday)
Chair: Professor Jie Huang, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Abstract: This Forum invites two recipients of ChinaNational Recruitment Program of Thousands of Overseas Young Scholars(青年千人计划) and two awardees of China National Program of Outstanding Young Scholars (拔尖人才). These four young scholars will share their visions and personal experience on education, research, and life through face-to-face dialogues with audience.


Prof.Jian Chen
Zhejiang University, China

Prof.Jiming Chen
Zhejiang University, China

Prof. Youfeng Su
Fuzhou University, China

Prof. Jian Sun
 Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Plenary Panel Session 2

Title: Development and Prospect of UAVs
Time: 10:50-12:20, July 29 (Friday)
Chair: Professor Jie Chen, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Abstract: The conference proudly presents the plenary panel session on Development and Prospect of UAVs. We are honored to be able to invite four prominent professors in this field to be panelists. The UAV first appeared in 1920s, was used as the training target. Decades have passed, what achievements we have gained in the field of UAVs, and what’s the new direction for the further development of this field, panel members will share their special experiences and visions on this issue with audience through effective face-to-face dialogues.


Prof. Ben M. Chen

National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Prof. Yun-Hui Liu
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Prof. Wen-Hua Chen
Loughborough University, UK

Prof. Gangyin Tian
 Beijing ZHZ technology CO., Ltd

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